Pocket Wizard TT5 Repair

I take my Pocket Wizard gear everywhere I go for shooting.  It’s invaluable for lighting and provides awesome flexibility for my flash to fire off remotely.   I first learned about them thru friend photographer Tommy Pemberton.  Check out this stuff at http://www.tomeemot.com/.

Like him I was originally was using it on a Canon 580EX II.  I replaced it with a lesser expensive flash 430EX II after both were stolen from me by some burglar.  While there  are a number of differences with the flashes I found them to be close enough for my sustaining my hobby.   I recommend reading Photo Tips Online.com for their side by side comparisons.  http://photo-tips-online.com/review/canon-430ex-ii-vs-canon-580ex-ii/nutshell/

So first of all the problem with the TT5 that you will find around the ‘net is some radio interference issues which can be simply fixed with a shield that wraps around the unit. Outside of that you’ll rarely see any posts on the effects of mounting the flash over and over which eventually causes the hot shoe to detach at a 45 degree angle.  I am sure a few stressed pack ups w/o removing the flash to get to the next site did it as well. Unfortunately you have to take apart the whole unit because the screws mount from the inside.  I can’t afford any more TT5s so this is one I thought I would fix myself.

Here are the pics from the repair. Notice the picture where the screws just lying within the unit, they weren’t even stripped which is what I thought I was going to find.   I hope they fix this in the future so that this doesn’t happen again.

This is how i found the screws, they barely catch!


TT5 sensors


Springs have to be carefully put back


TT5 Mother board

TT5 base, you see the antenna here in the corner





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  1. Hello Sam,

    I am wanting to ask a little advise from someone that has disassembled a Pocket wizard TT5.

    One of my TT5s has it antenna loose. Its at the stage where I have to use sticky tape to keep it in the vertical position.

    I have tried to disassemble the unit, but it did not want to come apart after removing the two small screws at the front, the longer screw towards the back and the four screws around the hot shoe.

    Coming from someone who has had a TT5 apart, do you have any tips? From memory would tightening the antenna be a simple repair?

    Thank you in advance

    Trevor Phillips

    • Hi Trevor

      This is a late reply but I wanted to offer advice, better late than never I suppose. I wasn’t very impressed with the antenna mount. I am not even sure the plastic piece that goes up in the air even has any metal in it except for the bottom of it that connects to the base. From what I remember it protects a USB port behind it when it is closed. Assuming yours is a North American brand, it would operate in the 340 – 354 MHz range and I think if your batteries are full and this unit isn’t shielded, then it would operate the same strength whether the antenna was up or down, however I have read and saw the pics on the TT5’s use on the PocketWizard website and they show it up as well as in a 180º position. I suppose you can test this theory.

  2. hi Sam,
    I have three pocket wizards that are not firing. I sent them to Pocket Wizard for repair and they told me they would not repair them but would offer me a $10.00 discount on each new one I bought.
    Is there a place that repairs these?

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