Canon 5D Sensor Cleaning

One thing about CMOS cameras is that they like dust.  I have read a lot of posts on how to clean the sensor and I think the best advice is to use common sense.  I simply used air and a non-lint cloth to wipe it in one direction.  Done.  I did use at one time some non-lint Qtip style cleaners as well that I had left over from my clean room days at Motorola.  Those help to clean and to be able to apply the right pressure is always a good thing.

The pictures you see here is the sensor of a Canon 5D camera and a picture where I snapped a landscape scene and you’ll notice a hair is in the picture below one of the power lines.  I had to clone out this hair on about 20 RAW images using Lightroom’s  Spot Removal tool which works excellent.

I snapped a quick pic of the sensor using my iPhone flash to show you how it responds to light.  Don’t do this for a long period of time.  I simply took a quick photo but I wouldn’t leave the LED on for a longer time than that.  The 5D has a sensor cleaning function in the menu settings so it makes it easy to clean.



Good local artist, Christina Mesiti

I was browsing today thru Art d’ Art’s site and found an interesting artist named Christina Mesiti.  While her artwork was intriguing I found comforting to read her section on her site in regards to reality and experience. I agree, the process is a continually changing equation.

Check it out for yourself.

WordPress back in action for me

I had a wordpress site for a few years, hardly took care of it and I eventually let it wither away.  I think this one will be stronger and better than before.