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SSD Drive Upgrade Results

My tests using a Seagate Sold State Hybrid Drive.  Model I got is a Momentus XT, 750 SATA 32MB cache. 7200 RPM. The old drive was a Seagate as well, model ST9500420AS 16MB cache at 7200 RPM

* Mbp intel core 2 duo 6gb
* 2.2ghz
*  500 GB st9500420AS
* 16MB 7200 rpm

Tests were done after full restarts of the MBP so app launches were not using app cache.

1 min 45 sec boot time from power button to logon screen

55.1 sec with hybrid drive

Click of button till splash screen ends
Photoshop cs 5.1 launch
16.9 seconds old drive
5.5 secs hybrid drive

Lightroom 3 launch till
Splash screen ends
15.5 seconds old drive
9.9 seconds hybrid drive

Parallels launch of win7 with 2GB allocated for RAM and 60GB disk
2 cpu
32bit OS
Set to faster virtual machine setting
And auto win7 start
Started after full shutdown of vm
1min 43 until win desktop appeared old drive
50 secs with hybrid drive
38 secs after quit of app and relaunch using cache

Canon 5D Sensor Cleaning

One thing about CMOS cameras is that they like dust.  I have read a lot of posts on how to clean the sensor and I think the best advice is to use common sense.  I simply used air and a non-lint cloth to wipe it in one direction.  Done.  I did use at one time some non-lint Qtip style cleaners as well that I had left over from my clean room days at Motorola.  Those help to clean and to be able to apply the right pressure is always a good thing.

The pictures you see here is the sensor of a Canon 5D camera and a picture where I snapped a landscape scene and you’ll notice a hair is in the picture below one of the power lines.  I had to clone out this hair on about 20 RAW images using Lightroom’s  Spot Removal tool which works excellent.

I snapped a quick pic of the sensor using my iPhone flash to show you how it responds to light.  Don’t do this for a long period of time.  I simply took a quick photo but I wouldn’t leave the LED on for a longer time than that.  The 5D has a sensor cleaning function in the menu settings so it makes it easy to clean.